Church Committees


Nominating Committee

  1. Staff Church with teachers, officers, and department directors.
  2. Help all directors with church related problems in Sunday School and on Wednesday nights.
  3. Help all directors, teachers, and officers find assistants.
  4. Advise directors, teachers, and officers concerning their needs, promotion of Sunday School and missionary organizations.

Chairperson: Sunday School Director Members: Diana Jackson (4th yr.), Jimmy Patterson (3rd yr.), Rhonda Scammahorn (3rd yr.), Stephanie Reeser (1st yr.)

Personnel Committee

  1. Council church staff concerning personnel needs.
  2. Council church staff regarding any job-related problems or personnel problems.
  3. Council church staff concerning finances, church, or personnel.
  4. Assist pastor in filling vacancies.
  5. Provide detailed job descriptions regarding duties, hours, and compensation.
  6. In fulfilling the committee’s responsibilities as enumerated in the church by-laws, the Personnel Committee may meet to discuss and recommend to the church to vacate a position of any of the following: pastor, youth minister, music director, choir leader, treasurer, secretary, custodian, and other church staff whether vocational or non-vocational.

Chairperson: Amanda Roach Members: Cyndi Patterson, Diana Jackson, Susan Sechrist, and Janice Whetzel

Budget and Stewardship Committee

  1. Plan and promote budget and its adoption.
  2. Plan and promote and tithing emphasis once a year.
  3. Plan with pastor, church staff, and committees in budget expenditures.

Chairperson: Jimmy Patterson Members: Janie Smith, Lavon Gibson, Kris Base, Danyne Vice, & Church Treasurer

Building and Grounds Committee

  1. Make recommendations to the church relative to our needs.
  2. Be responsible for care of buildings and grounds owned by the church.
  3. Be responsible for plumbing and other areas requiring upkeep.
  4. Advise custodians in janitorial needs.

Chairperson: Ronnie Avants Members: Pauline Crigler, David Springer, Joyce Unruh, Mark Thompson, Rod Smith, and Alan Johnson

Funeral Dinner Committee

  1. Be responsible for all funeral dinners.
  2. Contact bereaved family concerning plans for the meals, time, and number expected.
  3. Work with the pastor in planning meals and ministering to the family.
  4. See that the church family is informed about the meal needs for bereaved families.
  5. See that the kitchen is left clean after each meal.
  6. Bring recommendations to the church concerning kitchen needs.
  7. See to any food which might be left and be responsible for getting it to the home of the bereaved, if needed.
  8. See that tables are setup and prepared.

Chairperson: Pat Lindsey Members: Sharon Roberts, Joyce Unruh, Lana Scammahorn, Kim McCracken, Betty Harley, Diana Jackson, and Donna Williams.

Fellowship Dinners & Events Committee

  1. Plan and promote meals when needed.
  2. Be responsible for serving the meals and seeing that the kitchen is clean.
  3. See that kitchen supplies are available.
  4. Assist with other church meals if needed (other than quarterly meals.) 5. See that tables are setup and ready.
  1. Be responsible for tea, coffee, ice, etc.

Chairperson: Danny Palmer Members: Cathy McCrary, Susan Sechrist, Eve Boone, Carol Sechrist, Nancy Thurman, and Donna Williams

Usher Committee

  1. Welcome and seat guests at all services.
  2. Be responsible for the offering at all services.
  3. Be responsible for youth ushers.
  4. Be responsible for getting all money to the treasurer.
  5. Help with any needs which might arise at any service.

Chairperson: Red Roberts Members: Barney Thurman

Nursery Committee

  1. See that the nursery is kept clean, beds changed, and sheets washed weekly.
  2. Secure workers for all worship services, including Sunday morning and night, revivals, and all special services requiring a nursery.
  3. Bring recommendations to the church regarding nursery supplies.
  4. Be responsible for purchasing nursery supplies.

Chairperson: Pauline Crigler Members: Carol Sechrist, Lesli Metzger, and Stefanie Reeser,

Music Committee

  1. Identify needs and desires of the church regarding the church’s overall music program.
  2. Make recommendations to the Music Director on the church’s overall music program.

Chairperson: Janie Smith Members:, Janice Wilcox, Monte Scammahorn, Nancy Thurman, Stefanie Reeser, and Paul Hill

Media Committee

  1. Advise the church on media and technology needs.
  2. Bring recommendations to the church on media and technology purchases.
  3. Be responsible for operation of the sound system for all services.

Chairperson: Jamie Nunn Members: Jamie Nunn & Cody Vanzant

Falls Creek Cabin Committee

  1. Advice the church in all Falls Creek related needs.
  2. Be responsible for care of Falls Creek building and grounds.
  3. Be responsible for all equipment at Falls Creek and for inspecting the buildings periodically.
  4. Attend Falls Creek cabin owners meeting.
  5. See that the Falls Creek buildings are winterized.
  6. See that the buildings are cleaned before summer camps.
  7. Review Falls Creek cabin website for accuracy concerning our cabin and provide updates as necessary.

Chairperson: David Springer Members: Janie Smith, Jimmy Patterson, Mark Thompson, and Youth Minister

Evangelism Committee

  1. Plan a program of evangelism, revivals, and outreach with the pastor.
  2. Assist in the planning of church revivals and in securing the evangelistic help.
  3. Help plan and secure places for the revival team to have meals.
  4. Advise church family when help is needed.
  5. Advice and consult pastor and others regarding meal plans.

Members: Deacon Body

Benevolence Committee

  1. Inform church of needs and make recommendations.
  2. Make recommendations to church for a benevolence policy.
  3. Be allowed to use their discretion for emergency help.
  4. Recommend action in cases of distress or misfortune that cannot be addressed under the previous duties and responsibilities.

Members: Deacon Body